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convert a text document from your local hard drive

Converting content from your local hard drive is one of the things you will likely do frequently with iSiloX. This tutorial shows you how to convert the README text file included in the iSiloX installation into a document in iSilo™ format.
Step 1: In iSiloX, to convert content to a document in iSilo™ format, you need to tell iSiloX how to create the document. To start doing so, hold down the control key and click in the iSiloX document list window. Then click Add in the context menu that you get.

This begins the process of adding a document entry to the document list. A document entry provides information to iSiloX on how to create a document.

Step 2: The first necessary piece of information you need to provide is the title you want to give the document. The title must be unique among the documents that you create and use because if two documents do not have unique titles, one will overwrite the other.

Enter the title in this dialog and then click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: The second necessary piece of information you need to provide is the source of the content for the document. The dialog shown here allows you to actually specify more than one source, but you will be adding the path to the README file as the only source.

Click Add URL/File so that you can choose the README file.

Step 4: In the Add URL/File dialog, click on Choose to navigate to the location of the README file. After you click OK, you will see the path to the README file listed as a source.

Click Next to continue to the next step.

Step 5: The third necessary piece of information you need to provide is the location where you want the converted document to go. To have the document automatically installed to your device the next time you HotSync® after converting the document, select your user name from the HotSync® user name list in this dialog.

By default, the option Convert the document immediately when I click Done is checked. When you click Done, iSiloX immediately converts the README.TXT file into a document. If the option to convert immediately is not checked, iSiloX only adds an entry for the document to the document list without performing the conversion. In this latter case, you can manually start the conversion.

Click Done to start the conversion.

Step 6: iSiloX begins converting the file and shows the progress of the conversion.

Step 7: After iSiloX is done with the conversion, it should give you a message box informing you that the conversion was successful. Click OK to dismiss the message box.

When you dismiss the message box, you return to the document list, where you see that iSiloX has added an entry to the document list with the title, source, and destination information that you specified. In addition, the Status column shows the date and time at which the conversion finished as well as the size of the resulting document and the message "Successful conversion" to tell you that the last conversion completed succesfully.

Congratulations on having created a document based on content from your hard drive. If you have not yet done so, see Convert an HTML Document from the Web for a tutorial on creating a document based on content from the Web.
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