Introducing iSiloX

iSiloX is an application for converting content into the iSilo™ document format for viewing on your handheld device. The iSilo™ document format is an optimized document format that was designed with the limited memory and processing power of handheld devices in mind.

Supported file formats

text file formats

iSiloX can convert content in any of the following formats:

image file formats

iSiloX supports the most common image file formats.

How do I use iSiloX

Using iSiloX, you maintain a list of entries for documents you want to create. Each entry specifies how to create a document and includes such information as the title for the document, the source content files used to create the document, where the document will be written, and settings that control various aspects of how to create the document. Examples of settings, among others, include the maximum depth to which to follow links and limits on the size of images.

You can save your list of document entries so that you can call the list up at any time later whenever you want to reconvert any of the documents in the list.

The best way to learn the basics of using iSiloX is to start with the tutorials and then to proceed to the task manual for step-by-step instructions on completing common tasks. The reference manual provides information about all aspects of iSiloX.